“Waiting for D-SITE 2022” Online Meeting – 21.06.2021

On21 June 2021, starting at 9.15 am,, it will be possible to follow the activities of the conference dedicated to the research conducted through the use of Drones for the documentation of the heritage.

During the conference il will be presented a selection of contributions already published as part of the “D-SITE 2020 Drones – Systems of Information on cultural heritage”, meeting unfortunately canceled due to the COVID-19 emergency.

D-SITE intends to turn to researchers and experts who work both in the design and implementation of UAV systems and in the use of the same for the digitization of cultural heritage and landscape, selecting research aimed at the definition and consolidation of innovative documentation methodologies. The contributions collected for the 2020 edition provided a detailed picture of the state of the art on ongoing research at the international level, laying the foundations for developing innovative multidisciplinary analysis approaches and opening a debate on the use of remotely piloted systems.

To join the conference, you need to fill out the following registration form https://forms.gle/S2asAjenLhFWhWkb7

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