“3D SEBENICO. 3D survey of built Venetian historic fortresses” International Workshop – 16/24.02.24

Within the project “3D Šibenik” dedicated to the knowledge, conservation and valorisation of the Venetian fortified heritage in Dalmatia, the DAda Lab will participate as an academic partner in the international workshop “3D SEBENICO. 3D survey of built Venetian historic fortresses” that will be held in Šibenik from 16 to 24 February 2024.

The workshop, organised by the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence, the DICAr of the University of Pavia and the DBC – Department of Cultural Heritage: Archaeology and History of Art, Cinema and Music of the University of Padua is open to university students, PhD students and young researchers. The workshop is aimed at developing integrated strategies for documenting image-based and data-driven data, as well as generating useful outputs to narrate the Venetian fortresses in the Šibenik area. The research laboratories involved with the DAda LAB will provide equipment and researchers for the on-site activities, enabling the students involved not only to experience the Venetian heritage but also to learn the most innovative ways of interpretation in order to understand its structural and socio-cultural significance and transfer it into digital systems.

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