“Architectural Representation and B.I.M.” Open Lecture – 18.01.2018

DAda laboratory inaugurates the year 2018 with an open lecture on B.I.M. for the representation of architecture and cultural heritage, held by prof. Massimiliano Lo Turco of Polytechnic University of Turin:

“Architectural Representation and B.I.M.” Building Information Modeling & Cultural Heritage: regulations, best practices, research fields.

The open lecture will be held from 2.30 to 4.30 pm in Double Degree classroom, plan A, Engineering pole. Following, proposals for research activities in B.I.M. field will be presented by DAda Lab. for the year 2018.

The conference is organized within the activities of “Architectural Survey & Restoration” course laboratory (Prof. S. Parrinello, Prof. G. Minutoli), of Double Degree of University of Pavia-Tongji University of Shanghai, MSc in Building Engineering and Architecture, Italian-Chinese Curriculum.