International Exhibition “World Cultural Haritage Conservation and Rehabilitation Expo” – Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China – 23-25.11.2023

From 23 to 25 November 2023, DAda Lab will participate in the International ‘World Cultural Heritage Conservation and Rehabilitation Expo’ to be held in Chengdu City, China. The event is intended to be an opportunity for leading national and international players who are passionately and consistently dedicated to the enhancement and conservation of cultural heritage to meet.
During the exhibition, museums, research institutes, research centres, institutions and individuals dealing with intangible cultural heritage, professional documentation companies, professional construction teams, technological conservation institutions, heritage tourism organisations and all creative heritage artists will be able to discuss the issues affecting heritage today, sharing values and methodologies

Given the extreme interest in the preservation of UNESCO Heritage, the DAda Lab research lab will present some of the panels displayed during the exhibition ‘Bethlehem Reborn. The Tale of a Story between Bethlehem and Pavia’, which was held in Pavia in December 2022. The exhibition will present the research outcomes of the 3D Bethlehem and SMART Bethlehem projects conducted by the DAda-LAB research laboratory of the University of Pavia since 2019.