Mondialcult 2022: Resiliart Debate – 23.02.2022

On 23 February at 2.30 pm (Italian time) will be held a panel, entitled “Digital Documentation as a process of rewriting culture. Digital identity and virtual space of architectural creation and the role of digital tools to increase the meaning of culture”, of the ResiliArt Debate for Mondiacult 2022 event, promoted by UNESCO, which will focus on some research conducted by the DAda-LAB and PLAY laboratories of the University of Pavia on the topics of the documentation of the digital city.

The event is divided into 105 minutes organized as follows:

  • 75 minutes in which five speakers will take turns to answer some questions by presenting the experiences carried out at the research laboratories in Pavia;
  • 30 minutes dedicated to a round table during which a debate on the topics covered will open.

The meeting will be in streaming on DAda-LAB official sites.

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