“Restoration for Cultural Heritage” Open Lecture – 19.01.2018

DAda Lab’s appointments on research and restoration for cultural heritage continue with an open lecture by Giammarco Piacenti, president of Piacenti spa, a company that since 1875 carries out design and execution activities in the field of restoration and conservation of protected buildings, monumental complexes and assets of historical and artistic interest:

International Restoration Activities of Piacenti Spa and the Work for Restoration of Nativity Church, Bethlehem.”

The open lecture will be held next Friday, January 19th from 9.00 to 11.00 am in Double Degree classroom, plan A, Engineering pole. Following, the presentation of the research project Management and Control of Urban Growth for the Development of Heritage and Improvement of Life in the city of Bethlehem” by DAda Lab. for the year 2018.

The conference is organized within the activities of “Architectural Survey & Restoration” course laboratory (Prof. S. Parrinello, Prof. G. Minutoli), of Double Degree of University of Pavia-Tongji University of Shanghai, MSc in Building Engineering and Architecture, Italian-Chinese Curriculum.