“Visualising and Defending Values in Architectural Changes” – 1st International Lectures Cycle Day – 7.09.2023

As part of the programme of activities of the Intensive International Summer School “VERY-M”, a scientific-didactic project co-funded by the Erasmus+ BIP Blended Intensive Programme, which will be held in Pavia from 22 to 28 September, it is a pleasure to share the organisation of the next event, the 1st International Conference Cycle Day “Visualising and Defending Values in Architectural Change”, which will be held virtually on 7 September 2023, starting at 9:00 a.m.

The cycle of lectures intends to address issues on the cultural, social, economic, and archaeological values associated with Architectural Heritage, in particular highlighting the application of digital technologies, from documentation to 3D representation, and the opportunities for dissemination and interaction through narrative digital environments. The study theme defines a dynamic framework for in-depth studies and reflections on Cultural Heritage, where history and community contribute to writing a changing vision between memory and actuality. In this way, the value and significance of Architectural Heritage can be consciously directed towards its understanding, sharing and protection by the civil society.
The first event, organised and moderated by Dr. Raffaella De Marco (University of Pavia, Italy) and Dr. Prof. Yara Saifi (Al-Quds University, Palestine), is structured on 3 panels: “History”, “Identity”, “Memory”, and it features international professors and researchers from Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Ukraine and Romania. Among the topics presented, European research and international funding projects for the preservation of World Heritage and emergency sites.


The event will be accessible at the Zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89201026809, after registering via the following form 


The cycle of international presentations is organised within the MSCA European project “MOEBHIOS – Multi-attribute values’ OntologiEs to improve Built Heritage InformatiOn assessment in cluStered territories”, developed by the University of Pavia (Italy), Al-Quds University (Palestine) and European University Viadrina (Germany).