“ARSINOE 3D” Meeting and Seminar – 29.9.2021

The seminar on the research project “ARSINOE 3D – Digital reconstructions and exhibition itineraries for the storytelling of the excavations of “G.Vitelli “Papyrological Institute in Arsinoe” will be held on September 29th, 2021, organized by DAda Lab. of University of Pavia and by the Papyrological Institute of Florence of DILEF – Department of Letters and Philosophy of University of Florence.
The meeting will regard the presentation of the first results of the experimentation for the documentation and digital reconstruction of the archaeological excavation site of Arsinoe, Egypt. The research objectives concern the digital reconstruction of the excavation and the construction of a virtual environment to visit again the archaeological area, now buried under the construction of the modern city. The elaboration of three-dimensional models, in support of the analyzes and interpretations on the reconstruction of this excavation, is aimed at producing a digital exhibition designed to enhance the collection of the Institute and recover an important fragment of history.
During the seminar day, the presentation will regard th digitization activities at the Papyrological Institute, the ongoing phases of survey processing, the reconstruction and use of 3D models, and the development of the web navigation platform for remote use.

The seminar will be held at “G. Vitelli” Papyrological Institute of University of Florence, Borgo Albizi 12, Florence, on Wednesday 29th September 2021, from 3 pm.