The interdisciplinary research group involves professors, researchers and doctorates on documentation and representation of cultural heritage, in collaboration with university didactics.

The research deals with the development of technologies for survey and architectural and landscape representation, analysis activities for defining knowledge-based development strategies, safeguarding and improving connection urban and territorial living.

The laboratory promotes documentation activities for building heritage archives, databases for the study and enhancement of architectural complexes. Activities aim at integrated and technologically advanced systems for the protection of artistic and cultural heritage, capable of managing different levels of reading and perceptual sensibility analysis and research on architectural, urban and green landscape in the aspect of their representation and survey.

Research activities:

Themes and research directions:

  • Urban and historical centers analysis
  • Documentation of military architecture
  • Studies on religious complexes and hermitages
  • Islamic architecture
  • Wooden architecture in northern Europe
  • Big archaeological complexes
  • Structural survey
  • Documentation of urban green and historical parks.