Infrastructure and Civil Works Design

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At the end of the course the student must learn
• The observation methods of the physical space of architecture and the environment, and the methods of analysing visual messages.
– The fundamentals of graphic representation: projection systems (orthogonal, axonometric, perspective) and methods of representing objects (plans, elevations, sections)
• The main technical drawing standards and conventions and the techniques of dimensioning and annotation.
• The fundamentals of technical drawing by introducing the main CAD software
• The methods of critical analysis and expressive synthesis of engineering works and their context.
• The methods of graphic representation of construction elements in their morphology and functional role.
• realise digital graphic works appropriate to the chosen scale of representation using restitution-based works

At the end of the course the student must know how to
– draw shapes and proportions from life.
• draw freehand sketches, with the ability to develop imagination and associations of forms inspired by architecture and the environment as support for the design process.
• represent the technical elements of buildings and infrastructures, applying methods and procedures of the science of representation both freehand and with the tools of technical drawing.
• to carry out visual surveys of simple organisms or architectural details with appropriate graphical representations on a metric scale (plans, elevations, axonometries).
• realise simple models with various materials and techniques.
• correctly represent the project at different scales, including overall and detailed drawings, adopting the relevant national and international conventions.
• construct adequate data communication systems relating to architecture and the environment, such as table composition and management of the relevant two-dimensional space.
• use the theoretical and applicative fundamentals of 2D digital drawing.

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