DAda LabDrawing Architecture Document Action works for research, training and transfer of knowledge within Drawing, Communication and Representation for Architecture.

The interested research activities concern:

  • Applications of documentation technologies for the conservation and management of historical and monumental architecture and landscape;
  • Development of adequate methodologies for knowledge investigations aimed at defining complex databases on built assets;
  • Realization of reliable graphic supports useful as a metric and documentary basis for design, diagnostics, restoration, planning and protection of urban space.

Applied technologies:

  • Digital technologies for survey and development of three-dimensional databases that involve the use of 3D Laser Scanners, UAV systems and photogrammetric applications;
  • Management of qualitative and quantitative databases on built assets with the development of GIS and BIM systems;
  • Production of models for the definition of information supports through 3D prints dedicated to the reproduction of historical architecture;
  • Applications for the development of VR, AR and MR systems dedicated to the enhancement of Cultural Heritage.

Educational opportunities: The Laboratory was created as a transversal opportunity to didactics, proposing a practical education where the student can participate in a process of building knowledge, based on direct experience. The practical application of different survey methodologies, from traditional to more advanced digital ones, for the knowledge of architecture, is aimed at determining the contribution that the various assessment tools on the image of the architecture are able to offer in the built heritage documentation process.
The laboratory offers a specifically equipped physical space and it is aimed at creating a collaborative space where teachers, researchers, technicians and students can develop design, experiments and research together.
DAda Lab. promotes open training courses and workshops to students, both from University of Pavia and external. The courses are oriented towards the learning of specific software for graphics, 3D modeling, architecture and multimedia applications.