Conferences and Seminars

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  • “Arsinoe 3D. Riscoperta di una città perduta dell’Egitto greco-romano”
    Temporary  Exhibition
    From 14 of December 2023 to 15 of May 2024,
     Museo di Antropologia e Etnologia, Florence, Italy
    > poster


  • “PROMETHEUS H2020 – The Route of Jaime I. A challenge of documentation, intervention and architectural conservation for Cultural Heritage Routes
    Temporary International Exhibition
    29 November 2023, Valencia, Spain
    > poster


  • PROMETHEUS H2020 – The Route of Jaime I. Survey and analysis for evaluation enanchement and management of European Cultural Heritage Routes
    International Conference
    29 November 2023, Valencia, Spain
    > poster


  • PROMETHEUS H2020 – The Gdansk Fortress Route. Survey and analysis for evaluation enanchement and management of European Cultural Heritage Routes
    International Conference
    27 Ottobre 2023, Gdansk, Polond
    > poster


  • “Bethlehem Reborn. Il racconto di una storia tra Betlemme e Pavia”
    Temporary exhibition
    12 – 18 December 2022, Pavia, Italy
    > poster


  • “D-SITE. Drones – Systems of Information on culTural hEritage”
    International Conference
    16 – 18 June 2022, Pavia, Italy
    > poster
    > website


  • “Betlemme SMART City – Sistema di Monitoraggio Ambientale e Rinnovamento Tecnologico nella città di Betlemme”
    Online Meeting
    10 June 2022


  • “Documenting and Visualising Architectural Heritage: The Experience of the DAda-LAB”
    International Conference
    12 May 2022, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    > poster


  • Waiting for D-SITE 2022”Studies Conference
    21 giugno 2021, Online Meeting
    >> website


  • Voghera Digital – ”Interview
    9 Maggio 2021, Online Meeting
    >> Conference



  • World Anniversary Italy ’90_The discovery of the Roman necropolis – Exhibition
    22 December 2020, 
    Barbieri Palace, Municipality of Verona, Verona
    >> website


  • “Digital and Documentation 2020 – Know and communicate Cultural Heritage”. Studies Conference
    4 December 2020, telematic mode.
    >> website


  • “D-SITE. Drones – Systems of Information on culTural  hEritage”. International conference
    24-26 June 2020, Faculty of Engineering, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy.
    >> website


  • “ARCHITETTURA EREMITICA. Sistemi progettuali e paesaggi culturali. V convegno internazionale”. International conference
    12-14 March 2020, Certosa of Florence, Florence, Italy.
    >> website


  • “Fortified city of the Serenissima. Analysis systems for the documentation and enhancement of heritage”. Studies conference


  • “The Venetian fortifications in the eastern Mediterranean basin. Dalmatia and Montenegro”. Exhibition
    21 November 2019


  • “Digital & Documentation 2 – Digital strategies for Cultural Heritage”. Studies conference
    4 June 2019, Salone d’onore – Castello del Valentino, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy.
    > poster 


  • “Prometheus Opening Conference”. Open lecture.
    27 February 2019, Room 414, Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Perm, Russia.
    > poster 


  • “Documentar las obras de los Antonelli: una investigación entre los dos mundos”. Open lecture.
    14 February 2019, Auditory San Jerónimo, Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana Seccional de Montería, Colombia.
    > poster 


  • “Workshop on digital survey and Documentation – 3D Bethlehem”.
    4 December 2018, Bethlehem Center – Social and Cultural University, Room 218.
    > poster 


  • “Digital & Documentation”. Studies conference.
    26 June 2018, Foscolo Room, University – Central venue, Pavia.
    > poster     > brochure


  • “Architectural representation and B.I.M”. Open lecture.
    In collaboration with prof. M. Lo Turco and Politecnico di Torino.
    18 January 2018, Italian-Chinese classroom, Engineering Faculty, Pavia.
    > poster      > article


  • “Restoration for Cultural Heritage”. Open lecture.
    In collaboration with G. Piacenti and Piacenti S.p.a.
    19 January 2018, Italian-Chinese classroom, Engineering Faculty, Pavia.
    > poster     > article


  • “3D documentation of Generalife”. From digital survey to management project.
    24 February 2017, aula magna Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spagna.
    > poster


  • Internation day of studies
    04 July 2017, Palagio di Parte Guelfa, Firenze (FI), Italia
    Conference list:
    – The digital survey for documentation of archaeological sites
    – Advanced approaches to preserve the image of urban space
    – Architectural survey for restoration and structural analysis
    – A case study of illumination: Portugal museum and sport facilities
    > poster


  • “Documentación arquitectónica del Palacio del Generalife”.
    17-31 October 2017, sala espositiva, Escuela Tecnica de Architectura, Granada, Spagna.
    > poster


  • “Survey analysis and 3D documentation for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of stone masonry buidlings in Basel”. Presentation of research results.
    6 November 2017, aula multimediale Eucentre, Pavia.
    > poster


  • “Barbianello e Palazzo Nocca: un progetto di documentazione per lo studio dell’Oltrepò pavese”. Presentazione del volume.
    15 December 2017, sala verde di Palazzo Nocca, Barbianello.
    > poster


  • The architectural documentation of Barbianello historical center.”Exhibition and Conference”
    10 Semptember 2016, Palazzo Nocca a Barbianello (PV), Italia
    > poster


  • ReUso 2016 – IV International Conference on documentation, conservation and recovery of architectural heritage and landscape protection.
    6-7-8 October 2016, Pavia, Italia
    > poster      > conference      > site


  • Exhibition. Documentation and digital survey of the architectural and archaeological heritage protected by UNESCO.
    23-26 February 2015, Tel Aviv, Israele.


  • Exhibition UNESCO World Heritage List – Digital survey and documentation of the Archaeological and Architectural sites. 
    06-30 November 2014, Palazzo Orsanmichele, Firenze (FI), Italia
    > poster
    Conference list:
    – Presentation Masada Project (Israel), presentation of Masada Notebooks vol.2.
    – Mediterranean Architectural Heritage: coastal fortifications in Spain, Italy and Greece.
    – The documentation for the survet and analysis for the restoration of Santa Maria La Real Church in Sasamon.
    – The site of New Uffizi: the consolidation of Sala della Niobe.
    – Stones of myth, monumental complex of the promontory of Capo d’Orlando.
    – The porticoes of Bologna in the European context.
    – Archaeology and digital survey: The mobile laser scanning technology for the survey of monumental architectural sites, The documentation of the archaeological site of Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli.


  • Architettura Eremitica. Design systems and cultural landscapes. IV International conference of architectural hermitages. 
    18-22 September 2013, Santuario di La Verna, Chiusi della Verna (AR), Italia.
    > poster


  • The archaeological survey: UNESCO Heritage experiences of research. Conference.
    9-10 October 2013, Palazzo S. Firenze, Piazza S. Firenze, Firenze (FI), Italia
    > poster


  • Between East and West. Transposition of cultural systems and military technology of fortified landscapes.
    7-13 May 2012, Poppi (AR)-Firenze (FI), Italia
    > poster


  • Architettura Eremitica.  Design systems and cultural landscapes. III International conference of architectural hermitages. 
    21-23 September 2012, Monastero di Camaldoli, Poppi (AR), Italia
    > poster


  • Architettura Eremitica.  Design systems and cultural landscapes. II International conference of architectural hermitages. 
    24-25 September 2011, Vallombrosa, Reggello (FI), Italia
    > poster


  • Architettura Eremitica.  Design systems and cultural landscapes.
    19-20 June 2010, Monte Senario, Vaglia (FI), Italia
    > poster

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