Degree Thesis

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Interested students can carry out the final thesis project on research topics conducted within the laboratory, supported by teachers and researchers.


List of most recent thesis:


The documentation of Donatello’s pulpit: from drawing to digital reproduction

Student: Chiara Rivellino
Tutor: S. Parrinello                       Co-tutor: F. Picchio
Year: 2020/2021

The Ark of Mastino II in Verona. Documentation experiences for the enhancement through forms of digital use of the work.

Student: Annunziata Papalia
Tutor: S. Parrinello                       Co-tutor: E. Napione
Year: 2019/2020

Parametric modeling processes for the management and development of the Archaeological Museum of the Central University of Pavia.

Student: Hangjun Fu
Tutor: S. Parrinello                       Co-tutor: A. Dell’Amico
Year: 2018/2019

Enhancement of the Shanghai ghetto. Analysis and documentation for the protection and use of urban space.

Student: Matteo Cento
Tutor: S. Parrinello                       Co-tutor: Mei Qing
Year: 2018/2019

Bethlehem. Survey and analysis of the old urban nucleus for the knowledge of the historical built heritage.

Student: Paola Barazzoni
Tutor: S. Parrinello                           Co-tutor: F. Picchio, A. Arrighetti
Year: 2017/2018

Application of LiDAR and 3D optical dynamic survey in the shaking table test of a half-scaled natural stone masonry building prototype

Student: Manuel Desole
Tutor: S. Parrinello, A. Penna        Co-tutor: R. De Marco, I. Senaldi
Year: 2017/2018

Documentation and enhancement of Urban Walls of the city of Verona: Porta San Zeno and Porta Vescovo.

Student: Chiara Malusardi
Tutor: S. Parrinello
Year: 2017/2018

Documentation project in East Jerusalem. Database and virtual reality systems for the recovery and fruition of urban space.

Student: Francesca Galasso
Tutor: S. Parrinello
Year: 2017/2018

The documentation of Al-Jazzar Mosque in Acre, Israel. Integrated survey methodologies for non-invasive diagnostic investigations.

Student: Mariangela Canestrale
Tutor: S. Parrinello, Co-tutor: F. Picchio
Year: 2016/2017

Rapid documentation systems for the preservation of the memory of Chinese traditional landscape. The case study of Qingcun.

Student: Lorenzo Porcelli
Tutor: S. Parrinello, Z. Peng, Co-tutor: F. Picchio
Year: 2016/2017

Integrated digital survey for the study and documentation of Porta Palio in Verona.

Student: Davide Dujani
Tutor: S. Parrinello, Co-Tutor: M. Pivetta
Year: 2016/2017

Looking at the past to improve the future. Correlation between demographic development and expansion of residences in Shanghai.

Student: Francesco Zonca
Tutor: S. Parrinello, Co-Tutor: G. Minutoli
Year: 2015/2016

The façade of San Michele. Integrated survey for the creation of management models.

Student: Chiara Miatton
Tutor: S. Parrinello, Co-Tutor: M. Lo Turco, F. Picchio
Year: 2015/2016

Palazzo Nocca in Barbianello: a path of knowledge for enhancement of the monumental complex.

Student: Valentina Donato
Tutor: S. Parrinello
Year: 2015/2016

Maqam al Nabi Musa in El-Bariyah desert. Documentation methodologies for the analysis of a monumental complex in Jericho.

Student: Raffaella De Marco
Tutor: S. Parrinello, Co-Tutor: F. Picchio
Year: 2015/2016


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