Survey Laboratory

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At the end of the course the student must learn:
  • historical and scientific foundations of the discipline.
  • principles, methods and tools of direct and indirect survey.
  • methods of instrumental survey and problems related to survey and return of complex architectural context.
  • theoretical foundations of terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry applied to architecture and territory.
  • principles and modalities of procedures for the photogrammetric restitution of graphic elaborates aimed at measuring and understanding architecture and environment.
  • principles and methods for performing surveys with 3D laser scanners.
  • methods for processing 3D data from Laser Scanners for 3D and 2D data return.

At the end of the course the student must know: 

  • to run a complete survey project.
  • to perform the survey with direct and indirect measurement techniques.
  • perform the digital drawing of survey using appropriate software tools.
  • to produce digital graphic elaborations appropriate to the chosen scale of representation using elaborations based on photographic and photogrammetric restitution.
  • to make digital graphic elaborations with the appropriate level of detail for the chosen representation scale using elaborations derived from digital survey, as vector data in the form of “point clouds” and or polygonal surfaces.


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Informative material of the course