“Digital&Documentation 2021” Conference Day – 20.09.2021

The cycle of International Conference Days “Digital & Documentation” continues with the 2021 event “Digital & Documentation – New frontiers of digital”.
Digital & Documentation is a conference day, a moment of scientific-cultural exchange and updating, itinerant, now in its fourth edition. The first edition was held at University of Pavia, the second edition at Polytechnic of Turin, the third edition at “Sapienza” University of Rome.
The fourth edition, organized by University of Palermo, is focused on the theme of modelling procedures and augmented scenarios for the acquisition, coding, analysis and communication of Architectural and Cultural Heritage..
The main purpose of the initiative is to ensure an update of scientific innovations in the field of digital documentation of Cultural Heritage, aimed at its knowledge, conservation and enhancement.
In particular, the innovation, improvement and testing of the critical, methodological, applicative and experimental process necessary to acquire, study, and disseminate Cultural Heritage are illustrated, compared and debated. The contributions of the speakers range from theoretical reflections, experimental activities and testing of consolidated best practices. The conference, which only includes invited lectures, aims to bring out in particular the visions and activities of young researchers, in a context of constructive dialogue and comparison with the longer-term scientific community.

The event, organized by the Department of Engineering, with the contribution of external experts and teachers in the field of digital documentation for Cultural Heritage, will be held from 9.00 to 18.00 at the Sale delle Verifiche and the church of S. Antonino inside Palazzo Monumentale Steri, Piazza Marina, Palermo.
The day of the conference is promoted by UID Unione Italiana Disegno.

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