“II Seminario Internacional de Levantamiento del Patrimonio Arquitectónico” Colombia – 16/22.02.2019

DAda Lab is pleased to participate to the II Seminar Internacional de Levantamiento del Patrimonio Arquitectónico, organized by Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana Seccional de Montería in collaboration with University San Buenaventura of Cartagena. The event consists of a workshop and a day of study for practical experience of architectural survey and representation of heritage through various digital 3D documentation methodologies, laser scanner and traditional.

The seminar will be held from 16 to 22 February 2019, and will be organized in the cities of Cartagena de Indias and Monteria in order to document and detect the military fortification of Cartagena de Indias. International experts from various Italian universities will be present to ensure high quality training.

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The seminar ended successfully!
Live the participants’ experience “Así vivimos el II Seminario de Levantamiento del Patrimonio Arquitectónico”

Coordination Committee
Massimo Leserri, Italy/Colombia
Ricardo Zabaleta, Colombia

Scientific Committee
Stefano Bertocci, Italy
Riccardo Florio, Italy
Salvatore Barba, Italy
Antonio Bixio, Italy
Sandro Parrinello, Italy
Gabriele Rossi, Italy
Valentina Castagnolo, Italy
Jorge Zandobal, Colombia
Raffaele Catuogno, Italy
Francesca Picchio, Italy