Summer School 2018 Call for Students – CHR DATE, Russia – 23.07/03.08.2018

University of Pavia and Perm National Research Polytechnic University (Russia) organize the Summer School for summer 2018 “CHR DATE: DocumentAtion in digiTal Era – Survey and analysis for an architectural Experiment-Evolution of Cultural Heritage Routes’ knowledge.”

The main objective of Summer School is the training in digital enhancement of Cultural Heritage, through the proposal of lines of documentation for Cultural Heritage Routes. The scientific proposal concerns the development of a summer school in which it is possible to study how to develop a 3D information system, tested on the route of Upper Kama (Russia), with the production of census archives and digital models of its architectural complexes. The course is aimed at optimizing training between researchers and students through the use of low cost and easy to replicate architectural modeling protocols.

For the Summer School, the following objectives are structured:
– Interdisciplinary teaching action on documentation protocols and modeling of Architectural heritage, encouraging the training of students and researchers on the constructive and historical value of monumental architecture and cultural itineraries (ICOMOS “Charter on Cultural Routes”, 2008).
– Learning of innovative methodologies of digitization of architecture, with the integration of multidisciplinary analysis data and information models, conducted in direct contact with the historical sites of Upper Kama, including several monumental analysis complexes between Cherdyn and Usolye, from Orthodox religious architecture to nineteenth-century industrial settlements.
– Educational offer of interdisciplinary complementarity with joint teaching support in the digital survey of architecture, in technological analysis of historical building systems, in historical archival research, in 3D modeling and in urban and territorial planning.

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